God slept in the rocks
And stirred in the plants
And dreamed in the animals
And awoke in man

Workshops for All

Lynn facilitates a number of workshops — upcoming ones are below. Just click on ‘more info’ to see a leaflet. Or you can simply request to be on Lynn’s mailing list and she will let you know whenever a new workshop is coming up.

You might need Acrobat Reader to view the leaflets — just go to http://www.adobe.com for a free download.

Most workshops are held in Central London or West London but Lynn is happy to consider travelling to other locations on request.


Whether you’re a mindfulness beginner or already a convert, Lynn would be delighted to meet you as we spend a day in a group learning mindfulness techniques that are guaranteed to calm your mind and bring you into closer contact with the here-and now, leaving you feeling less stressed, revitalised, reconnected and ~ with regular practice ~ more emotionally balanced.

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A one-day workshop (open to members of the public, as well as interested professionals) designed to explore the theory or romantic relationships and shed light on what causes us to get trapped in repetitive patterns of dysfunctional relationships or be unable to develop them at all.

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Open to members of the public as well as interested professionals. A wonderful journey through the chakra system first laid down thousands of years ago. In this workshop we will learn how the chakras have relevance in transpersonal therapy today, how they pertain to developmental stages, how the chakras become out of balance and the types of issues this causes, how to diagnose imbalances and how to work with this. The follow-up workshop “Balancing the Chakras” goes into more detail on how to work with the presenting issues.

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Open to members of the public as well as interested professionals. When the chakras are out of balance, the liberating and manifesting currents of the life force are blocked, causing us to become stuck in repetitive patterns of behaviour. In this workshop, we will learn how to balance the chakra system by working psychologically, physically and with some spiritual practices. Techniques will include massage (clothed), reflexology points, sound and breath work, hatha yoga postures and others.

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